Pumpkin Decorating 3 Ways: Marble, Jester Stripes, & Polka Dots!

Today I am sharing with you how I decorated pumpkins for Halloween that weren’t scary or jack-o-lanterns. I had a lot of fun making these and my toddler loves looking at them! You can check out my YouTube video here: Pumpkin Decorating 3 Ways



For this pumpkin you will need a shallow dish, paint in the colors of your choosing, and water. First you want to mix the main color with water and pour it into you shallow dish. Then you want to mix your marble colors with water as well to make sure they flow in the background paint color. Drop the paint in and swirl the dish around to make a cool design. Then roll your pumpkin in the paint until you get a design you are happy with. Let it dry on some wax paper and you have yourself a marbled pumpkin!

Snapshot 1 (10-14-2017 9-30 PM)


For this pumpkin I used the same three colors I had been using. I followed the natural grooves of the pumpkin to mark how I was going to paint the stripes. The first time around the paint wasn’t sticking so well. I let it dry for a couple of hours and was able to get the paint to stick. This pumpkin turned out looking so good!


For this pumpkin I used sharpie markers instead of paint. I started by writing out the word BOO in bubble letters on one side of the pumpkin and used my sharpie markers to create little dots and specks all around the word. I used small dots immediately around the word and faded out to bigger dots. Then on the back side of the pumpkin I decided to make really big polka dots with medium sized dots thrown in between. This was by far the easiest pumpkin to make and it turned out looking amazing as well!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you want to see the video I made you can check it out here: Pumpkin Decorating 3 Ways 

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